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Biohazard Cleanup Kit 11 Item(s)

Biohazard Cleanup Kit

Biohazard Cleanup Kit

Bloodborne Pathogen Kit

Biohazard cleanup supplies are necessary to keep your work, school, or home environment protected and OSHA compliant. Necessary OSHA biohazard cleanup supplies include universal precaution kits (UPKs), bloodborne pathogen kits, bodily fluid clean up kits, fluid control solidifiers, Red-Z fluid control solidifiers, biohazard bags, and latex gloves. A universal precaution kit is your first step in the prevention of exposure to body or biohazardous fluids. And if an accident does occur, you need the right biohazard cleanup supplies to get your site back to working order. Be sure to place one of these handy UPK cases or biohazard supplies near your first aid kit.

Biohazard Cleanup

Red Z Spill Control Solidifier is a fast and effective way to solidify and deodorize potentially infectious blood and body fluids.  One ounce of Red Z Spill Control solidifys over one liter of water based fluid. These biohazard cleanup supplies, health and safety equipment, and biohazard equipment will keep you, your colleagues, students, family safe and secure from the threat of infection or contamination. All products are competitively priced, and ship fast. Call us today for products not yet listed in our online inventory. 800-506-0091