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AC Axial Inline Booster Blower 8″

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Allegro 9513-i AC Axial Inline Booster Blower assists you in areas where long lengths of ventilation ducting is needed. This unit is made of touch steel and has a handy carry handle and rubber feet for stabilization. Ducting is sold separately.

AC Axial Inline Booster Blower 8″
Allegro 9513-i

For use when there is need to run long lengths of ventilation duct and maintain a high CFM. Ducting is attached to both the intake and exhaust ends of the blower. Multiple blowers can be placed in a series to achieve positive or negative ventilation. 8” Axial blower is light weight with high CFM, tough steel construction with convenient carry handle and rubber feet. Certified to CSA STE C22.2 No 113 Air Delivery certified CEESI.

* Duct is sold separately.

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