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Allegro 2041

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2041 Allegro
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Bitrex Respirator Fit Testing Kit is a OSHA compliant fit testing kit used when testing the fit of disposable and reusable dust and mist respirators. Bitrex has a bitter taste that will indicate respirator fit testing failure. Each kit contains a test hood, sensitivity nebulizer, test nebulizer, box of 6 ampules of sensitivity solution and a box of 6 ampules of test solution. Each test tube offers an average of 3-5 tests. 

Bitrex Respirator Fit Test Kit

Allegro 2041

Bitrex Respirator Fit Testing creates an unmistakable bitter taste that indicates break through in the respirator fit testing. Bitrex has been found safer than saccharin tests while producing identical results. Disposable glass ampules make pouring solution into nebulizers easier and reduces the chance of contamination. 

Bitrex Respirator Fit Testing Kit Contains:
* Test Hood
* Sensitivity Nebulizer
* Test Nebulizer
* Box of Sensitivity Solution, 6 Ampules
* Box of Test Solution, 6 Ampules

Average 3 to 5 Fit Tests Per Tube

Each Ampule Contains 2.5 cc of Solution 
*Nebulizers are Latex-free Rubber

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