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Allegro 8300-90 Vortex Cooler/Heater w/ Snap-Tite Coupler

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This Allegro 8300-90 Vortex Heater wth snap tite coupler that delivers the wearer constant cooling or heating air through its perforated inner lining. This unit is popular confined space workers such as foundries, steel mills, asbestos abatement and paint baking operations. It offers easy temperature adjustment even while wearing gloves.

Allegro 8300-90 Vortex Heater with Snap Tite Coupler

Delivering constant & adjustable cooling & heating, the vortex cooling vest is especially popular for workers in confined spaces as well as foundries, steel mills, asbestos abatement & paint baking operations.

With no moving parts, the vortex tube forces a simple heat exchange to separate compressed air into hot and cold airstreams. The PVC cooling vest delivers continuous cooled or heated air through its perforated, inner lining. This cooling vest offers full range of motion and can be worn under protective clothing.

Other versions of this cooling vest available:
8300-01 vest only
8300-90 Vortex heater/cooler w/ snap tite coupler
8300-91 Vortex cooler w/ snap tite coupler

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