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Allegro 8414-11 Phase Change Inserts (4/Pkg.)

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Allegro 8414-11 Phase Change Cooling Vest Inserts 

Cooling vest inserts will maintain a constant temperature of 58 degrees F for up to 3 hours

Cooling products are designed to protect and provide comfort to workers who must function in environments with excessive heat

Allegro caters to the demands of construction workers, firefighters, welders and factory workers, as well as other applications

 Made from n-Hexadecane and n-Tetradecane
 Sealed in a 12mm polyurethane clear package
 Each package is divided into four sealed sections for better distribution
 Maintains a constant temperature of 58°F (12.2°C) for up to three hours. Activated in iced water or by freezing form 20-30 minutes or until solid

Each insert measures 6"x14" and weighs just 16 ounces -4/pkg.

NOTE: Discontinue use of vest if inserts leak. Avoid open flame or sparks if the phase change liquid is absorbed into vest or other clothing

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