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Allegro 9100-50 50' Airline Hose, Low Pressure, 3/8" diameter w/ OBAC-style Coupler and Plug (LP)

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Allegro 9100-50 Low Pressure Airline Hose is 50 foot in length and made from polyvinyl chloride while reinforced with braided polyester yarn. This Low Pressure Airline Hose is manufactured with OBAC quick connect couplers.

Allegro 9100-50 Breathing Air Hose

50 foot breathing air hose

3/8" diameter, w/ OBAC style coupler and plug.

Allegro's Low Pressure Airline Hoses are NIOSH approved when used with Allegro's Supplied Air Respirators. Constructed from rugged polyvinyl chloride and reinforced with braided polyester yarn. These hoses provide a temperature range from -20°F to 150° F (-28.8°C to 65.5°C). Manufactured with OBAC quick-connect couplers. Maximum Pressure is 185 psi @ 70°F (12.76 bar@ 21.1°C)

This low pressure hose features...
• Low Pressure Hose complete with OBAC fittings
• Rugged, dependable and lightweight.
• Complete with fittings
• Connect to your choice of low pressure air sources, including ambient air pumps.
• Lightweight and dependable

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