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Allegro 9505-50 Gasoline Blower (Honda Engine)

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This Allegro 9505-50 Honda Centrifugal Gas Blower offers you a smart yet compact design that allows easy use and storage. This Honda Gas Blower has a powerful 3.5 hp Honda engine that is perfect for locations that does not have electricity available. We offer super low prices on Allegro Blowers everyday!

Gas Blower 3.5 HP Honda Engine (Four Stroke)

Centrifugal Gas Blower / Honda Allegro 9505-50

Same output and weight as the Allegro 9505. Offers greater durability with a Honda engine.
Perfect for remote locations where electricity is unavailable

The 8" ports and steel guards provide safety and the polyethylene housing with built-in handle offers durability and convenience. This Centrifugal Blower is designed with a sturdy metal base that minimize blower rocking and offers greater stability. Two quarts of gasoline will power 2-3 hours of running time. Blower includes 1a 6 foot inlet hose extension.

 8” (20.3cm) flange on intake and exhaust side
 Tough “safety orange” polyethylene construction
 One piece housing with integrated handle
 Black powder coated 12 gauge steel base
 8-blade cast aluminum fan impeller
 6’ (1.82m) inlet duct extension
 Steel black powder coated grills
 Equipped with five rubber feet
 3.5 HP, Honda, gasoline powered (120cc)
 Four stroke cycle
 Air cooled
 2.11 quart (2 liters) fuel tank
 Pull start
Aluminum, eight blades
DUCTING: (Optional)
 Yellow, single-ply lightweight vinyl/polyester, PVC coated
 180°F (82.2°C) temperature resistant
 Retractable, non-collapsible design
 Hard drawn spring steel wire helix, ASTM 227 SpecsFree Air 750-1600

One 90° Bend 500-1200
Two 90° Bends 450-1000

Weight: 58 lbs.
3.5 hp Honda(four stroke)

Dimensions: 18.5" L x 19.4" W x 21.3 H

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