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Allegro 9912-C Double Bib Maintenance Free Tyvek Hood CF SAR Assembly w/ Susp. & Personal Air Cooler w/ Hansen Fitting

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This Allegro 9912-C is a maintenance free tyvek hood comes with a personal air cooler to keep workers cool inside hot environments. The double bib works to offer extra protection with the inner bib that tucks inside of your protective garment making it that air flows down allowing for a cooling effect on the body. The outer bib secures underneath your arms with hooks and loop to keep your hood from rising up.

Double Bib Maintenance Free Tyvek™ Hood

Allegro 9912-C Maintenance Free Double Bib Tyvek Hood with Personal Air Cooler

Made of poly-coated Tyvek material, this hood offers the increased protection of two bibs. The inner bib tucks inside protective garments so air flows down for a cooling effect on the body, and the outer bib secures under the arms with hook and loop to keep the hood from rising up. The hood features an extra large lens for better visibility. It offers the same convenient design with the down tube and suspension built in, making the complete hood fully disposable. NIOSH approved.

 Poly-coated DuPont Tyvek
 Splash resistant hood and bibs
 Seams surged to seal in the air flow
 Generous size is ideal for workers with beards or goggles
 Disposable one-piece assembly
 Absorbent foam headband
 Adjustable hook and loop closure head harness secures hood in place
 Multi-layer foam sound dampening system to prevent crushing and twisting during use
 Meets stringent NIOSH requirements for sound levels inside a hood
 Located behind the hood allowing it to be out of the way
 Clear co-polyester, (PETG)15 mil, 6” X 12” (15.2cm X 30.4cm)
 Distortion-free with panoramic view
LENS PEEL OFFS: (P/N 9910-25) (optional)
 Co-Polyester, clear film with adhesive backing, 5¼” X 11¼”(13.3cm X 28.57cm) (0.007” (.017cm) thick)

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