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Arrow Pedestal Sign

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Dry-Erase Direction Signs provides you with the Write Way, Right Now on attention-getting signs.

Dry-Erase Direction Signs

Write Way, Right Now on attention-getting signs

Communicate directions, instructions and information on symbol-shaped signs. Write your message on dry-erase surface for easy change or update message. The shapes are designed to take notice and pay attention.

Pedestal units are dual-sided to write information on both sides - see it coming and going. Easy to transport for use anywhere, place in entry ways, hallways, exit areas to be readily seen

. The frame contain UV-inhibitors for outdoor exposure, as well as the 18" diameter molded base, which can be filled with water or sand for added weight and stability. Black frame construction with white dry-erase porcelain on steel - for use with magnets.

Arrow Pedestal Sign
12"H x 25 1/2"W sign can be positioned to point in either direction. The dual-sided sign is adjustable +/- 45 degrees up and down. Overall height is 64 1/4".

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