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​Sports Seasons are here! Stock up on First Aid Supplies

​Sports Seasons are here! Stock up on First Aid Supplies

Posted by Michelle Sparks on Nov 9th 2017

Sports Seasons are here! Time to Stock up on Needed First Aid Supplies 

Can you believe that spring is here? I hope that you are as excited as we are about the upcoming season and all of the fun sports that go along with spring and summer such as baseball, soccer, track, golf and more! With the upcoming ball games that are about to start it’s now time to stock up on the needed first aid supplies that are most needed to treat injuries on and off the field. You never know when an accident can happen and having the necessary first aid supplies on hand will allow you to be ready for most anything that happens. Whether you happen to be an athlete yourself, cautious parent sitting on the sidelines, a well prepared coach or a sports fan watching the game, we have the first aid supplies that you will need.

When preparing your first aid kit, be sure to match the contents to the sporting event. Each sport will have different requirements. For example, baseball injuries tend to be more bruises, sprained ankles and abrasions. We would suggest stocking your kit for a baseball game with instant ice packs, elastic ACE type bandages, and bandaids. If you are preparing for a track team that kit needs to have supplies to treat blisters, pulled muscles, sprains and abrasions. Remember sunscreen if your track team will be in the sun and Nox a sting sting kill wipes.

Location, location, location- is key when placing your first aid kit where it is ready and accessible when needed. Make sure that your first aid supplies are easy to identify and find when needed in a hurry. Be sure that your supplies are protected from extreme temperatures, rough handling and in a water proof case as you know rainstorms tend to happen frequently during the spring and summer months.

Here is a list of the most useful items to have in your sports related first aid kit:

Instant Ice Packs are one of the most useful items needed on the sidelines of any sporting event. They are the perfect item to have when treating sprains, strains, bumps, bruises and any swelling that can occur from the most common sporting accidents or injuries. Ice packs not only relieve pain, but also work to reduce inflammation. To activate you simply pop the liquid filled bubble with water in the center of the pack and shake to evenly distribute the ingredients. The ice pack will immediately turn cold and offer needed relief to the injured area for approximately 3-6 hours.

Gauze, Wrap and Tape- these items are handy to wrap up an injury quickly or to use as a bloodstopper compress to stop bleeding. First aid tape will help you to secure gauze to an injured person and keep the gauze in place.

Scissors and tweezers- Scissors will be handy to help you cut down first aid tape to size and tweezers will help you to remove splinters. We also carry Splinter Out Kits that help to remove splinters painlessly.

Nitrile Gloves- We suggest having at least 2 pair of nitrile gloves in your kit. Latex free nitrile gloves are best to avoid any allergy complications. Our latex free nitrile gloves come in a handy zip bag for convenience.

Mylar Emergency Blanket- Is handy to wrap around an injured player to help retain body heat during shock.

CPR Shield- to use in case of cardiac arrest

AED- Automated External Defibrillator is an excellent first aid supply that is always needed on the sideline of any sporting event. 

Triangular Bandage- to use in case of a broken arm or leg to help stabilize the broken bone.

Bloodstopper Compress- used to help control bleeding. It can also be used as an arm sling. 

Penlight-  to aid the person who is performing first aid on an injured person to examine eyes, ears and or throat with a pinpoint beam.

Cell Phone- to be able to contact 911 or other emergency facilities in case of an emergency.

List of emergency phone numbers- paramedics, hospital emergency room etc.

This is a list of the most common first aid supplies that you will need for your sports related first aid kits. Please keep in mind the type of injuries that most commonly occur and prepare for those injuries. Also, remember the people on the sidelines who may also need first aid care during the game. 

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