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Bradley S19-430A Drench Hose with Wall Holder

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Bradley S19-430A Drench Hose with Wall Holder

Laboratory Drench Hose

Bradley's S19-430A wall mounted drench hose with vertical spray offers: *ABS plastic eye/face wash sprayhead with an *8'drench hose. We offer a wide range of Bradley Hand Held Drench Hoses that will fit most any laboratory need.

Bradley Wall Mounted Hand Held Hose Spray

Features of Bradley S19-430A:
Complies with American National Standard Z358.1
• Laboratory Spray Valve
• Highly Visible Yellow-Colored Hose (S19-430A) or Flexible Stainless Steel Hose (S19-430D)
• Wall Bracket Included
• Full, One-Year Warranty
• Classified by Underwriters Laboratory Inc. to ANSI Z358.1

Perforated spray head provides soft spray for cleansing eyes and face. Handle stays open once valve is squeezed. Hose bracket for wall hanging included. Operating range is 30–90 psi. Flow rate: 2.4–2.8 gpm. Hand-held hose spray head contains an antimicrobial agent to protect the spray head.

* This plumbing fixture is not intended to dispense water for human consumption through drinking or for preparation of food or beverages.

* Drench hoses must provide a controlled flushing fluid flow that is both tepid and non-injurious to the user per ANSI Z358.1. Refer to ANSI Z358.1 for complete regulatory information regarding the performance, installation, maintenance, and training requirements for drench hoses.

* Installer to supply backflow prevention as required by UPC, IPC and/or local plumbing codes. Contact Bradley or visit for available options.

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