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Bradley S45-1703 Freeze Protection Valve

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Bradley S45-1703 Freeze Protection Valve 

Freeze Protection Valve

for use with emergency drench showers, emergency eyewashes and combination units

Freeze Protection Valve S45-1703 by Bradley protects pipes from bursting and compliments thermostatic mixing valves.

Freeze Protection Valve by Bradley

* Protects pipes from bursting
* Valve activates at 45°F (7°C)
* Freeze protection compliments Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Pre-Installation Information:

Bradley Freeze and Scald Protection Valves may serve as primary protection on untraced systems or a fail-safe back-up for traced water systems. The freeze protection valve activates at 45° F (7° C) and will fully open at 35° F (2° C). The scald protection valve activates at 85° F (30° C) and fully opens at 100° F (38° C). The freeze valve closes at 45° F (7° C) and the scald valve closes at 85° F (30° C). These valves allow water to circulate inside the unit without getting too hot or freezing. Water drains from the valve outlet to the outside of the unit through a hose or piping. Max. pressure rating is 200 psi

Never insulate or heat-trace the valve body. Never place the scald valve in the shade or in a cool place by comparison with the shower head, etc. The valve must heat to sense over-temperature line flow and then open. Temperature control point is factory set and sealed. Do not adjust; tampering with valve set point or cap will void warranty

Maintenance of Bradley S45-1703 Freeze Protection Valve:

The Freeze protection and scald protection valves should be inspected each year. The following field test should be performed once a year to ensure proper opening and closing of valve: To Test the Freeze Protection Valve Cool the valve with CO2 or ice and water slurry. The valve will start to drip until warm water reaches the actuator.

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