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Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher- Badger 5 lb- with wall hook

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LS 21111B
Usually Ships in 1-3 Business Days
Badger 2111B Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher 5 lb that comes with a handy wall hook. This 5 pound fire extinguisher is ready to tackle flammable liquid and or electrical fire hazards within your facility.

Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher- Badger 5 lb- with wall hook

Badger and Kidde Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers are the right choice for data processing centers, labs, telecommunication rooms, food storage and processing areas and other places where contamination and/or clean up is a concern. CO2 is liquefied gas, which effectively fights B and C class fires.

Size: 5 lbs
Dimensions: 17" H X 8.5" W X 5.25" Deep
Technical Data:
Model Number: B5V
UL Rating: 5B:C
Effective Against Class: CO2
Shipping: 15 lbs
Discharge Time: 9 sec
Discharge Range: 3 to 8 ft
Operating Pressure: 850 PSI
Temperature Range: -40 degrees F to 120 degrees F; -40 degrees C to 49 degrees C
Cylinder Material: ALUMINUM
Valve Material: PLATED BRASS
USCG Approval: Type B:C Size-1
USCG Bracket: VB-1 Optional
* Extremely versatile and ready to tackle flammable liquid and electrical fire hazards
* Ideally suited for indoor applications where delicate equipment or processes require a clean extinguishing agent
* Carbon Dioxide is an effective and clean gaseous extinguishing agent that does not leave residue to clean up
* Suitable for use on Class B and C fires
* Corrosion resistant epoxy powder paint finish
* Easy to read color coded two piece nameplates
* UL Listed and USCG Approved - Meets D.O.T. requirements
* 5 year periodic hydrostatic test interval
* 6 year product warranty

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