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CarryAir Filtration Panel with AC/DC CO Monitor 8 Worker Allegro 9878

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Allegro 9878 Carry Air Filtration Panel allows you to easily convert shop air that is normally used for pneumatic tools and equipment into clean breathable air. We offer a wide selection of Carry Air and Wall Air Filtration Panels to meet your needs and all at low prices.

Carry Air™ Filtration Panels 8 Worker

Allegro 9878

Allegro’s Air Filtration Panels convert shop air used for pneumatic tools and equipment to clean breathable air. They provide from 1 to 8 airline respirators a portable source of up to 15, 30, 60 or 100 CFM of breathable air from 5-125 psig. The 3-stage filtration system purifies compressed air removing water, oil and particulate contaminants. An optional carbon monoxide monitor, which can be operated in AC or DC mode, activates an audible alarm when the concentration of CO exceeds 10 ppm (set for 5 ppm in Canada). The pressure regulator includes a pressure gauge and adjustment knob with locking ring. A pressure relief valve protects the CO monitor and respirators in the event of regulator failure. The Carry-Air AC/DC-powered unit is housed in a rugged Pelican case for portability and protection. It includes a support stand for stability and up-right operation. An AC/DC powered Wall-Mount unit is also available. Available with and without CO monitors. All models meet NIOSH requirements for point-of-attachment. Single outlet and single inlet, 100 CFM Panel ideal for filtering air anywhere within the air line systems.

 Housed in a portable, rugged case with carrying handle, latches for protection and security
 A 16 gauge powder coated steel stand, for support
 All brass plumbing with quick-disconnect Hansen couplers

Power source: 115V AC to 9V DC power adapter for continuous power supply 9V DC Alkaline battery (primary or as back-up for AC adapter)
Alarm Setting: 10 PPM (Canada: 5PPM)
Ext. Connections: Optional Remote Strobe Alarm
Audible: 90 decibel Piezo Alarm
Visual: External power LED light signal
Sensor: Electrochemical, replaceable
Display: Liquid crystal Keys: Mode & Set
Modes: Normal Operation, Peak, Battery Charge and Calibration
Calibration: Self adjusting calibration to 20 PPM CO

First Stage: 5 micron particulate filter element and automatic mechanical drain
Second Stage: 0.010 micron coalescing filter element and manual drain
Third Stage: 0.003 ppm activated carbon filter element and manual drain
Regulator: High pressure, adjusting pressure knob, 0-160 psi (0-11.03 bar) pressure gauge,
external relief valve set at 125 psi (8.62 bar)
Flow Meter: Adjustable metering valve, range from 0.0-1.0 LPM
Weight: 25 pounds
Max Flow 100 CFM
Max Inlet: 150 psig

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Weight25 lbs


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