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Changeable Sign Floor Mat- Attention You Are Not Entering A Safety Zone

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Changeable Sign Floor Mat allows you to get your safety message across from the floor up. This Changeable Sign Floor Mat will allow you to change your floor sign anytime.

Changeable Sign Floor Mat

Change your floor sign - anytime, with ease.

It''s a cross between a floor mat and poster holder, where the sign is contained in the floor mat. No need to scrape or pull up sticky signs off the floor. The skid-resistant mat is adhesive-free and re-positionable - just pick it up to move it.

Open the mat apart to quickly change out the graphic inserts - slide out and slide in - and close the top and bottom mat back up.

It''s easy to change messages often with choices of 23" x 33" stock inserts.

Mats and inserts are sold separatley.
Certified by the National Floor Safety Institute for slip-resistance.

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