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Column Sentry Protector-12″ x 12″ Square- Medium

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Guaranteed Lowest Price – Call Us!

Our Column Sentry wraps your columns are tough and highly visible.  Lowest Price Guaranteed. We will not be beat on price. If you see this Column Sentry Protector online for less call us at (800) 506-0091.


Column Sentry Protector-12″ x 12″ Square- Medium

Guaranteed Lowest Price- Call Us!

Column Sentry® Column Protector is the original, patented column protector. Proven to be more than 80% more effective than knock-off column protectors.

Lowest Price Guaranteed ! We will not be beat on price. If you see this Column Sentry Protector online for less call us and we will beat the price.


Column Sentry® column protectors cushion those big bumps, preventing expensive column damage. And it’s:

  • Incredibly Tough
  • Highly Visible
  • Easily Installed
  • Surprisingly Cost-effective
  • Extremely versatile

Column Sentry® CS2442-12S column protector is designed to fit around H, square, or round columns up to 12″x12″(30x30cm) in diameter. The outside diameter is 24″ (61cm). Also available in FE type for Fire Extinguishers

Column Sentry® is the original, patented column protector, saving interior building columns by surrounding them with a cushion of air. This protector is very easy to install, without using any tools, and is extremely effective at column damage prevention. It is available in a number of sizes to fit most every column. This column protector is highly visible in its standard safety yellow color, preventing forklift collisions. When hit, Column Sentry flexes, protecting the column, the forklift, and the forklift operator. The protector is molded of low-density polyethylene, making it tough while keeping it maintenance free.

Column Sentry’s patented air-chamber makes it unique: Sentry’s air-vent system provides the best protection available for a column protection device. This unique system allows air to escape during impact, allowing the column protector to absorb impact without splitting the sides.

Now Proven to be the best column damage prevention available: In a recent test conducted by a recognized international testing company, Column Sentry® proved to be significantly more resistant to impact than the leading imitation protectors. Testing was done on similar sized products and found that the genuine Column Sentry® protector was 83% more effective in resisting impact than the imitation column protector.

All Column Sentry protection products are 42″/107cm tall and are made of linear low-density polyethylene at a (nominal) 0.25″ wall thickness. Each has a set of nylon straps attached to wrap around and hold the two sides together.

The size of the column will dictate the size of the Column Sentry. Carefully measure the length and width of the column area and find a corresponding size below. If covering an “I-beam” or “H-shape” column, make sure that the correct “web” and “flange” measurements before ordering the protection product. Also make sure there is nothing mounted on the column to prevent installation of the “H” sized Column Sentry. Keep in mind that a square will also fit over the “H” shape. For Fire Extinguishers see the Column Sentry FE.

* This column sentry column protector requires extra freight charges based on your ship to zip code. We will contact you with actual freight rate prior to processing your order. Ships freight class 150

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