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Countdown Scoreboard- Digi Day Number Display- Green-White

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Countdown Scoreboard operates with an easy to use handheld remote. You simply set it and let the countdown scoreboard count down to the big event! This Countdown Scoreboard measures 28" x 20" with a 2.5" Digi Day electronic number display.

Countdown Scoreboard Digi Day Number Display- Green/White

Countdown Digi-Day®
* For Indoor Use Only
Generate excitement for your next event by counting down the days!

Countdown Scoreboards Digi-Day® automatically tracks holidays, meetings, company events, and more. Electronic Digi Day® counter is built into the motivational display constructed of durable, .040" thick aluminum with wrap around, 2" deep edges and hidden mounting holes. Set countdown Digi-Day® with easy-to-use handheld remote.

Available in two Digi-Day® styles:
Digi-Day® - 28" x 20" countdown board with 2 1/2"H Digi-Day® electronic number display and 9 1/2" x 11" clear pocket to hold up to 8 1/2" x 11" sheets.
• Digi-Day® Plus+ - 36" x 24" countdown board with 4"H Digi-Day® Plus+ electronic number display and 12" x 17" clear pocket to hold up to 11" x 17" sheets.

Digi-Day® operates on 120 VAC, 60 Hz with 6-ft (Digi-Day®) or 12-ft (Digi-Day® Plus+) power cord and adapter plug end.

28" x20""
Digi Day Electronic with 2 1/2" Number Display - for indoor use only

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