Training Manikins by Laerdal

We offer a wide range of Training Manikins by Laerdal. These manikins offer realistic training in CPR and other first aid emergencies. Our CPR Manikins up to the Ultimate Hurt Manikin offer training in critical thinking and each have unique features for training simulation to be practiced as accurately as possible. 

Our Laerdal CPR Manikins offer you a realistic CPR Training Manikin to use as a training tool for your employees helping to keep them up to date on CPR skills to use in case a fellow employee or guest needs immediate first aid care. These Laerdal CPR Manikins make hands on practice possible for every student in your class. 

Extri Kelly Manikin is used to train in adult extrication and confined space rescue. This training manikin can be used in multiples for triage and mass casualty training exercise including trauma, bleeding control as well as first aid training. The Ultimate Hurt Training Manikin is a multi functional manikin for use with rescue, extrication and trauma care. Ultimate Hurt Manikin comes with a wide range of trauma wound modules as well as 3 interchangeable heads to enhance scenarios. You can use cervical collars, splints and traction for use of a spine board for realistic training.  Ultimate Hurt Training Manikin can be used for trauma, bleeding control, extrication and triage exercises. 

Widespread CPR Training has been shown to increase survival rates around the world.