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Danger Confined Space Do Not Enter Permit Required (tag Holder)

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Tag Status Holder-

Status Alert Tag Holder System - priced by the each Control and alert of potentially hazardous situations, using a changeable tag holder system. Status tag holder has a clear front, red border pocket to insert an alert tag to notify the status of the structure, equipment, or situation. Mount the holder in a visible location with the large opening at the top. Status tag holder is .060" thick Uvi-Plas™ plastic with clear polycarbonate plastic pocket. Holder measures 12"h x 4 1/2"w with a 2 3/4" diameter opening at the top. The alert tag fits into the status tag holder pocket. Use the tags to convey the necessary information. The status tags can also be used separately. If no tag is inserted, there is a default “do not use” message that shows through the clear pocket.

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