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Eagle 90 Gallon Tower Safety Cabinet- with Legs

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Eagle 9010 LEGS Safety Cabinet by Eagle comes with legs that allow you to place the safety cabinet over HVAC floor or baseboard vents as well as allow you to easily clean under the cabinet.

Eagle Safety Cabinet 90 Gallon with Legs- Self Close Doors

Eagle Tower Safety Cabinets

This Eagle 9010LEGS has all the great features Eagle is famous for, plus the aesthetic and functional benefit of 4" legs. Now you can place cabinets over HVAC floor or baseboard vents, clean easily under cabinets, straddle uneven floors, wires or plumbing and increase ventilation to reduce possible corrosion. Each leg is adjustable to balance and level cabinets. Cabinets meet OSHA, NFPA Code 30 and FM approval. Yellow finish only.

Compliance OSHA 29 CFR 1910.106(d)3

CAPACITY: 90 gallons

DOOR: 2 door self close
DIMENSIONS: 43" x 34" x 69"
WEIGHT: 490 lbs.

* Safety Cans are not included

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