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Electronic Moving Message Display- 2 Line Format 36"

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This Electronic Moving Message Display has a 2 line format and measures 36 inches long. It is super each to change your message with the wireless remote control keyboard.

Electronic Moving Message Display- 2 Line Format 36"

Electronic Moving Message Displays

Get maximum visual impact with attention-gettting messages. Light, color, and motion communicates your safety, quality or production message. Sharp and brightly lit LED matrix creates a high-visibility indoor message display. Housed in sleek rounded case design, you can mount the displays on ceiling or wall with included hardware.

Messages are easily entered and changed through a wireless, remote control keyboard that can be used up to 30 feet away. Within seconds you can create exciting visual messages!

Features include:
25 Message Modes: Automode; Hold; Interlock; Roll (6 directions); Rotate; Sparkle-On; Twinkle; Spray-On; Slide Across; Switch; Wipe (6 directions); Starburst; Flash; Snow; Scroll

Specialty Input: Continuous message entry with automatic centering; User programmable logos and graphics; Five variable speed controls.

Built-In Animations: Cherry Bomb Exploding; Don't Drink and Drive; Fireworks; Slot Machine; No Smoking; Running Animal; Moving Auto; Welcome (in script); Thank You (in script)

This display is a two-line format with character height 4.8"/2.1"; display length 36"; LED (Pixel) Color 3; Maximum characters 12/20; Message Capacity 81; Memory Characters 28,000; Overall Display Size 40.1"L x 7.7"H x 5.5"D

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