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First Aid Kit -The Responder -Trauma Kit -25 Person Kit


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The Responder First Aid Trauma Kit

First Aid Trauma Kit 

25 Person
The Responder First Aid Trauma Kit includes everything you’ll need to respond immediately to an emergency situation. Some of the items included are: ice packs, bandages, bloodborne pathogen kit, CPR mouthpiece and wound dressing. Allowing you to be prepared for any first aid emergency. 

First Aid Trauma “Responder” Kit (25 Person)

Responder Trauma Kit Includes:

4-Instant Ice Packs
1-3” ACE Bandage
1-Bandage Scissors
1-Eye Wash
2-1”x10 yards Tape
1-CPR Mouthpiece
1-Solar Blanket
1-Triangle Bandage
2-Water Gels
5-Eye Pads
12-4”x4” Gauze Pads
2-Safety Vests
1-“D” Flashlight
24-Antiseptic Wipes
100-1”x3” Bandages
100-Butterfly Bandages
1-Burn Free Dressing
12-2”x6” Gauze Bandages
1-300’ Roll ‘Caution’ Tape
1-Hydrogen Peroxide
1-Sterile Pouch Water
5-5”x9” Combine
Dressing Bandages
1-15 piece Bloodborne
Pathogen Kit

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