Our selection of high quality first aid bandages will meet the needs of any workplace. All of our Medi First Plus Bandages are latex free. Our fabric bandages are made of a heavy woven fabric with strong adhesive to help them stay put even in the harshest conditions. These first aid bandages stay on even in water or grease. The non- stick pad and ventilation promote healing of the wound. Choose from many different styles and shapes to meet the needs of different injuries such as traditional 7/8" x 3" strip bandage, fingertip bandage, knuckle bandage, large patch bandage and the popular small junior strip bandage.

We also offer a nice selection of Hi Vis Blue Bandages that were created for use in food and restaurant prep locations. These Hi Vis Blue Bandages are made of the same heavy woven fabric and strong adhesives as our regular bandages. Choose from hi vis blue strip bandages, hi vis blue knuckle bandages or hi vis blue fingertip bandages

You'll also find hi vis blue finger cots in both medium and large as well as plastic strip bandages and a nice selection of gauze, wrap, first aid tape and ace type bandages to keep you well protected.