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Flame Retardant Edge Fall Protection Harness- Basic Style with Pass-Thru Chest Legs- M-XL

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GF- 181081 M-XL
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Guardian Flame Retardant Edge Fall Protection Harness was designed with welding applications in mind. It allows the user to replace one outer shell for a new one therby prolonging the life of the vest.

Guardian Edge Fall Protection Harness
FR Edge Harness PT/PT

Guardian is excited to introduce the new Flame Retardant Edge Harness with a replaceable outer shell. Designed with welding applications in mind, this revolutionary designs allows for the user to replace the outer shell for a new one. This prolongs the life of the product and gives the user a better value. Simply unbutton the shell and replace it with a new one.

FEATURES of the Edge Harness:

* Replaceable outer flame retardant shell
* Nomex / Kevlar blend webbing
* Die-electric dorsal D-ring
* Powder-coated buckles
* Pouch in the back for hydration and cooling pack to keep worker cool and hydrated while welding
In 2007, the Guardian Edge Harness receieved a Gold International Design Excellence Award and was recognized by Business Week magazine. In conjunction with the design team who has worked with Nike, Microsoft, Leupold, and Steven, Guardian set out to design the safest and most versatile fall protection harness on the market. The unique design was engineered to provide three key benefits.

1) The Edge Harness reduces impact forces unlike any other harness on the market as its unique design absorbs up to 23% more energy than other conventional harnesses. This, in conjunction with the use of shock absorbing lanyard, creates less risk of injury in a fall as a result of impact forces.

2) The Edge Harness by Guardian was specifically designed for a head first free fall and to limit the sliding effect of teh dorsal D-ring. Because of the vest style design, the Edge is more likely to work properly in a head first freefall versues a conventional harness. In addition, the dorsal D-ring of the Edge Harness is designed to limit the likelihood of the D-ring striking a worker in the back or the head in the event of a fall. A dorsal D-ring striking the back of the worker in the head during a fall could cause a concussion and contribute to suspension trauma.

3) Comfort and style was important in the design as it creates a product that workers will want to wear. The Edge fall protection harness can incorporate the use of hydration pack and/or cool packs. The Hypolon protective shell is UV resistant, waterproof, and abrasion proof. This is a key feature of the Edge harness as UV degradation occurs most commonly on the shoulders and deltoid areas of the harness. The Edge harness is ideal with the use of retractables as the webbing will not pull away from the body which could result in added worker fatigue.

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