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Flexible Strip Bandages - 7/8" x 3" - Latex Free - 50/box

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Strip Bandages Heavy Weight

Our Strip bandages are extra heavy weight and flexible. They are latex free bandages.These first aid elastic bandages stretch to conform to the body. The strip bandaid is 7/8"x 3".

 Flex Strip Band Aids (heavy weight)

7/8" x 3" - 50/Box

Our First Aid Bandages are made of an extra heavy weight fabric and adhesive to stretch and conform to the body as well as staying on during the harshest of conditions. These are Latex Free Bandages. This is one of the most used item in a first aid kit.

  • heavy duty open weave fabric allows healing
  • long lasting heavy weight bandages adhere to skin, even over moisture and perspiration
  • each strip is individually wrapped

50 bandages per box with a convenient perforated dispenser top that can be easily removed allowing for easy access to the bandages as needed. 

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