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Fork Lift Traffic (w/graphic)

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Safety Coil Mats Promote a safe and clean work environment - from the floor. The mats are made from a durable, yet cushioned coiled vinyl filament that is excellent for scraping and trapping dirt, mud, snow, other debris from the shoes - while communicating a safety message. The message and image are the actual color of the vinyl - not printing - which means will last the life of the mat. The continous coiled filament is bonded to a thick heavy duty PVC backing base to keep dirt and water from contacting the floor underneath, and will hold in excess of one gallon of liquid - helping to reduce slip and fall accidents by wet floor conditions. Mats are easy to clean either with a shake or by rinsing with water. 3FT x 5FT mats are bordered with trip-resistant, tapered edges.

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