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Haws 7601.15 Portable Emergency Air Charged Eyewash 15 Gallon

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ASME Portable Air-Charged Emergency Eyewash

Model: 7601.15

Model 7601.15 self-contained, pressurized, portable 15-gallon eyewash with an ASME rated tank is an ideal solution for a facility’s ANSI eyewash requirements in locations without access to a continuous potable water source and where an ASME tank is required.

Haws 7601.15 Specifications

Model 7601.15 portable, air pressure operated eyewash shall include an ASME rated stainless steel 15-gallon (56.8 L) tank, ABS plastic anti-surge eyewash heads with integral flow controls and dust covers, chrome-plated brass ball valve equipped with stainless steel ball and stem, air pressure relief valve, and tire-type air fill valve. Unit shall also include label-mounted operating instructions. Additive not included - order separately.

Features and Benefits:

CONSTRUCTION Stainless steel constructed tank makes for a solid portable unit with added resistance against corrosion and breakage.

ADDED PROTECTION Green polyethylene plastic dust covers that release with water pressure keep the unit protected from debris up until the last second before use further optimizing operation.

VALVES Valve comes equipped with stainless steel ball and stem for added protection against corrosion and breakage. Full continuous flow occurs with the simple push of a stainless steel flag.

SAFETY Air pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, and tire-type air fill valve decrease the possibility of mishaps and make for a safer piece of emergency equipment.

FLOW CONTROLS Green ABS plastic soft-flo anti-surge heads distribute water at a rate of .25 gpm (.9 L) when pressure is between 30 and 90 psi (2.1 and 6.2 bar).

ANSI COMPLIANCE 10 useable gallons of water provide 15 minute flushing.


Where the eyes of any person may be exposed to injurious or corrosive materials, when suitable facilities for quick flushing of the eyes needs to be provided and a continuous supply of water is not available. Although the 7601.15 may be used in a wide variety of locations, it is ideal for the remote and low traffic areas where protective and mobile measures may still be needed. Emergency eyewash equipment shall be in unobstructed and accessible locations that require no more than 10 seconds for the injured person to reach. Model 7601.15 is certified by CSA to meet the ANSI Z358.1 Standard for Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment.


Water Additive: Model 9082, 'sterile' bacteriostatic preservative for use in portable eyewash stations. One 5 oz. (148 ml) bottle will preserve 5 to 20 gallons (18.9 to 75.7 L) of potable water for up to three months. Four bottles per carton.

Emergency Body Spray: Model 8901B, wall-mounted body spray with 8-foot (243.8 cm) pressure rated hose, including wall mounting bracket.

Transport Cart: Model 9008 cart designed to transport all stainless steel portable eyewashes.

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