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Heavy Duty Shock Absorbing Lanyard- Double Leg with Rebar Hook

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GF 01211
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Guardian Heavy Duty Shock Absorbing Lanyard with double leg and rebar hook

5' HD Lanyard for Foot Level Tie-Off

5 ft HD Shock Absorbing Lanyard- Double Leg with Rebar Hook

This Guardian Lanyard is great for use with the Beamer™ or Rail Master™ and other systems where no overhead anchorage point is available and workers much stie-off at their feet. These Guardian lanyards are specially designed to withstand additional free-fall distance while maintaining maximum allowable impact forces within OSHA requirements -- for up to a 10-foot free-fall. The HD Lanyard can be used as part of a 400 lbs. max worker capacity PER FALL ARRESTING SYSTEM for free falls of 5' or less. *H-D lanyard must be used when tying off at your feet.

5' HD Lanyard with Monder Edge™ Webbing

When you need the versatility of a lanyard capable of withstanding a 10' free fall and one that has reinforced webbing to protect it from running along the beam edge, you need the Guardian 5' HD Lanyard with Monster Edge™ webbing. This specially woven webbing has a tensile strength of over 12,000 pounds, and a double wide shock pack keeps impact forces below industry standards.

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