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Howard Leight Quiet Ear Bands -10/Box

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This Howard Leight Quiet Band ear bands have a noise reduction rating of NRR25 and are made for environments that have intermittent noise.

Howard Leight Quiet Ear Bands
The QB2 HYG quiet bands by Howard Leight are shaped for supra-aural protection, so they fit easily inside the ear canal opening and offer an NRR of 25. Quiet bands come packaged with an extra pair of pads. These Howard Leight ear bands are a great choice when you are looking for convenient hearing protection.

Quiet® Band

Hearing Band with reusable pods
Soft foam pods rest partially in the ear for a balance of protection and comfort
Patented band design prevents ear pods from touching dirty surfaces
Lightweight and convenient — quick and easy to insert or rest around the neck when away from noise
Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 25

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