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Justrite Blue Corrosive Safety Cabinet- 45 gallon

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Justrite Blue Corrosive Safety Cabinet for storage of Corrosives. The paint was formulated to resist the acids, bases and solvents commonly used in laboratories. All models feature the same quality as in Justrite Flammable Safety Cabinets.

Justrite Corrosive Safety Cabinet

Justrite 30 gallon blue steel corrosive safety cabinet.

This corosive safety cabinet model has all of the same quality features as Justrite's flammable cabinets including:

*double wall construction
*dual vents
*grounding wire connections
*zinc plated,lever handles
*cabinet top work tray
*adjustable shelves
*leakproof sills
*three point self latching doors
*leveling feet

A wide variety of safe, compliant storage options for corrosives make steel cabinets a popular choice.

Justrite steel cabinets come in standard 30-, 45-, and 60-gallon sizes as well as Compac, Countertop, Undercounter, and Piggyback styles. All models feature the same quality features as in Justrite's flammable cabinet including: double-wall construction, dual vents, grounding wire connections, adjustable shelves, leakproof sills, three point self-latching doors and leveling feet. To resist aggressive chemicals, this acid safety cabinet also include polyethylene trays attached to galvanized steel shelves and a separate polyethylene liner for the bottom sump. The liner can be removed for easy cleaning of drips and leaks. The popular 30-gallon two door Corrosive Safety Cabinet also includes an extra polyethylene top work tray which can be secured to cabinet top for a handy work surface.

An all epoxy baked-on powder coat finish, inside and out, provides increased chemical resistance. Paint is exclusively formulated to resist the acids, bases, and solvents often used in laboratories.

Resistance: solvent; chemicals; acid; alkalies

Color: blue
Material type: 18-gauge steel
Capacity: 45 gallon
Handle type: lever
Door type: hinged
Number of doors: 2 door self close
Number of shelves: 2

Test and approvals: designed in accordance with NFPA code 30 regulation: complies with OSHA regulations; FM tested and approved.

18"d x 65"h x 43"w

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