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Justrite Pesticide Safety Cabinet- 12 Gallon 891224

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Justrite Pesticide Safety Cabinet for the safe storage of Pesticides in a smaller storage capacity. This 12 gallon safety cabinet helps you to eliminate the risk of drips and spills during transfer of pesticides.

Justrite Pesticide Safety Cabinet

Justrite 891224
Specially sized Pesticide Safety Cabinets improve safety and convenience.

Smaller storage capacity pesticide safety cabinets aid in segregation and allow liquids to be stored at the worksite eliminating the potential for drips and spills during the transfer of pesticides. Dissimilar pesticides stored separately prevent one pesticide from contaminating another or accidental use of the wrong chemical.

JR 891224- Pesticide Safety Cabinet-
Capacity 12 gallons
Ext. Dimensions: 35" x 23.25" x 18"
Adjustable Shelves: 1
Shipping Weight: 131 Lbs.

* This item requires additional shipping due to the size/ weight. We will contact you for approval with the actual freight cost. You will not be charged until we receive your approval.

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