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Justrite Vertical Drum Storage Cabinet - 1-55 Gallon 1

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Vertical Drum Storage Cabinets 896220 safely house one 55 gallon drum. This Drum Storage Cabinet is supplied with a removable, adjustable shelf.

Justrite Vertical Drum Storage Cabinet


Safe storage for solvent filled drums. Vertical Drum Storage Cabinets safely house one or two 30- to 55-gallon drums. All cabinets are supplied with a removable, adjustable half-depth shelf to store Class III materials or spare accessories such as drum funnels, vents and antistatic wires. Cabinets are also designed to accommodate a drum equipped with a pump or funnel so the cabinet may be used as a pumping station or for waste accumulation. Cabinets are offered with and without roller assemblies which facilitate the movement of heavy drums.

Model 896220
Capacity: 1-55 gallon drum
Door: 2 Door, Self Close Door
Dimensions: 65" x 34" x 34"
Shipping Weight: 393 lbs.

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