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Justrite Yellow Compac Safety Cabinet 12 gal.- Self Closing Door

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This Justrite flammable storage cabinet with a self closing door is perfect for storing smaller quantities of flammable liquids at a workstation or adding to existing storage capacities.

Justrite Compac Safety Cabinet


Store smaller quantities nearby with the help of this handy Justrite 12 gallon capacity safety cabinet. When storing smaller quantities of flammable liquids at a work station or adding to existing storage capacities, Countertop and Compac cabinets make it possible to store flammables safely even when available space is at a minimum. Supplied with one adjustable shelf, these cabinets have the same great features of Justrites larger cabinets.

Compac Safety Cabinets fit almost anywhere and provide protection even where space is at a premium. Only 23.25" wide, they hold a full twelve or fifteen gallons of flammables. A great size for the home handyman.

All Justrite Safety Cabinet models are fully compliant to OSHA and NFPA and most are FM approved. Self-close models also meet the Uniform Fire Code. They shut and latch automatically when fusible links melt at 165°F (74°C) under fire conditions. Patented, concealed closing mechanism in self-close style maximizes available shelf space and minimizes risk of damage to the mechanism.

All Justrite Safety Cabinets meet OSHA 29 CFR 1910.106 and NFPA Code 30 and most are FM Approved. Shelves meet ANSI MH28.1

OSHA compliant safety cabinets provide safe, secure storage and organization for flammable liquids. They minimize employee exposure, reduce fire risks, and add to efficiency when positioned near points of-use. Only Sure-Grip® EX safety cabinets offer firefighter friendly Haz-Alert™ reflective labels for high visibility in the dark and a versatile U-Loc™ padlockable handle for greater convenience and security.

Built to the highest quality standards, all Justrite® safety cabinets are designed to meet NFPA standards and OSHA regulations. 3-point locking system with high strength stainless steel bullet latches offer maximum protection under fire conditions. Most safety cabinets have been approved by Factory Mutual ("FM"), the independent certification agency, to ensure performance to demanding standards.

Capacity: 12 gallons
Door type: self close
Handle type: lever

Ext. dimensions:
35"h x 23-1/4w x 18"d

Tests and approvals: designed in accordance with NFPA code 30 regulation; Complies with OSHA regulations, FM tested and approved.

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