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Life Replacement Cylinders- for Life OxygenPac



Life Emergency Oxygen replacement cylinders allow you to always have a spare emergency oxygen cylinder available.

Life Emergency Oxygen Replacement Cylinders

#LIFE-101 Replacement Cylinder Assembly for [LIFE®OxygenPac] 90 minute supply @ 6 LPM 566 Liters = 20 cf at 2216 PSI = 154 BAR Water Volume 3.85 liter Test Pressure 3693 PSI = 255 BAR

All LIFE® oxygen unit and replacement Cylinders are refillable (renewable) or disposable (recyclable) for lowest cost, greater efficiency, and customer ease. Refilling a cylinder at a local gas distributor is low in cost, but purchasing a replacement cylinder may be more efficient with less time and labor … …and may actually be cheaper.

Both methods are green and earth friendly, being renewable or recyclable.

Refill Information
The LIFE® emergency oxygen units must be filled with medical grade oxygen (USP) if the indicator on the gauge is less than full, in order to ensure that an adequate supply is on hand for emergency.

THE OXYGEN CYLINDER MAY BE REFILLED WITH PURE MEDICAL OXYGEN BY ANY MEDICAL/INDUSTRIAL GAS DISTRIBUTOR who uses the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) #870 PIN-INDEXED UNIVERSAL COUPLING FOR OXYGEN. Gas distributors in your area may be some of the following companies:
Air Liquide Company
Air Products Company
BOC Gases
Linde Gas
Pin-Indexed Yoke Connections
Medical gas cylinder valves for use in respiration therapy, inhalation or resuscitation applications, are pin-indexed to prevent interchangeability with dangerous or non-compatible gases, in conformance with CGA standards.

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