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Needles Disposal Container, 1 Gallon -2 per order


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Sharps Protec Disposable Containern1 Gallon. This Sharps Container has a capacity of Approximately 210-230 1 cc syringes

Sharps Protec Disposable Container
Pro-Tec® sharps containers are a proven sharps collection device ergonomically designed with a forty-five degree angle opening for easy access. The top mounted handle allows our sharps containers to be balanced and safe to carry from one location to another. These sharps containers can be placed on a counter, or mounted on the wall and locked. Sharps containers are available in a variety of sizes. No assembly required. These sharps containers are not designed to be mailed once full.

Sharps Containers Advantages

* Thick, puncture resistant, one piece, rigid polypropylene material meets or exceeds OSHA requirements
* Easy grip sharps container safety handles for transport
* Pre-assembled sharps containers are ready to use
* Our sharps containers are environmentally safe, may be autoclaved or incinerated
* See-through safety trap helps avoid over-filling
* Our sharps containers feature locking lids that ensure safe transport
* Wall mounted sharps containers come complete with brackets for easy wall mounting installation.

To properly dispose of your medical waste such as used medical needles, scalpels, and IV catheters, use a Sharps Container to ensure that they are properly segregated.

It has been a standard practice to dispose immediately the needles after a single use to prevent sharing needles which is the common cause of AIDS (HIV) and other infections caused by blood contaminations like Hepatitis B and C.

It is easy to dispose your sharps in the container. Simply drop them through the slot in the lid of the container, without touching the outside part. Never push or force the needles into the container to prevent damage and needle stick injuries. Remember to change the container before they are too full. Proper use of the container includes delivery and pick-up to an approved “red bag” or disposal to the medical waste treatment site.

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