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Oily Waste Can- 10 Gallon w/ Foot Operated Cover

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Justrite Red Oily Waste Can is a 10 gallon can with foot operated cover to protect your facility from fires than oil soaked rags can start!

Justrite Oily Waste Can-
Dispose of oil soaked rags and protect your facility from fires that can start due to:
* Spontaneous Combustion
* Sparks
* Careless use of smoking materials

OSHA compliant Oily Waste Cans are essential whenever solvent soaked cloths and wiping rags are used. Rags and cloths soaked with solvents, thinners, linseed oil, combustible adhesives and other flammable liquids present a serious fire risk when improperly discarded. The specially designed lid opens no more than 60 degrees and stays closed when not in use, isolating contents from fire sources and limiting oxygen so spontaneous combustion risk is virtually eliminated. Round construction and elevated bottom encourage circulation of air around can to disperse heat and reduce moisture buildup and rusting.

We offer a variety of oily waste cans and sizes to accomodate your specific need. Choose either red or yellow, or both when color identification is desired to help segregate materials or to differentiate department location sites. All feature galavanized steel body construction with a durable powder paint finish. Most sizes are also offered with a hand-operated cover if prefered.

JR 09300
Capacity: 10 gallon- foot operated cover
Dimensions: 13 15/16" x 18 1/4"
Approv/Lstg Regulation: FM, UL

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