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Package Of Snap-tite Pockets- 10/pkg

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Snap Tight Pockets - 10/pkg

Snap Tight Pockets- 10/pkg
Protect and Display your Document in a Snap, with Snap Tight Pocket We offer the most ingenious way to hang signs, notices and other documents. Snap Tight Pocket allows you to display your sign with confidence. Once you are done with that sign you can change it. The rugged pocket can withstand industrial enviornments, yet has attractive smooth, rounded corners and edges, to look good in any location.

This unique design protects an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper, creating a low-cost sub-surface sign. Snap Tight Pocket is constructed of two separate pieces of clear plastic designed to securely "snap" together, enclosing the sheet of paper. With the two pieces together, the pocket is a mere 3/16" thick. Overall size is 9 5/8" x 12 1/16" with four 7/32" corner holes for hanging. Injection-molded polycarbonate plastic protects the enclosed sign from fading and has the durability to withstand impacts and vandalism. Snap Tight Pocket is intended for repetitive usage. Easily change your sign as often as needed. With a slight ''twist-flex'' the back piece snaps out, allowing you to remove and replace with another sign. There are countless applications for the Snap Tight Pocket, many of which have yet to be discovered!

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