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Pharmaceutical Hood- Saran Double Bib- Maintenance Free- Saran Hood

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Allegro 9913-CS Pharmaceutical Hood- Saran Double Bib- Maintenance Free- Saran Hood w/ Personal Air Cooler are a one piece hood with down tube completely integrated. This respirator hood features multi layer foam tubing material that works to prevent the down tubes from getting crushed and or twisted during use. That same foam tubing also provides you with a sound dampening system that is unique to this hood and made in accordance with the stringent NIOSH requirements. The entire assembly is disposed of after use.

Saran Double Bib, Pharmaceutical, Maintenance Free, Saran Air Hood® w/ Personal Air Cooler

Allegro 9913-CS

Double Bib, Pharmaceutical, Maintenance Free, Saran™ Air Hood Packed with all the same features as our 9911-29 hood, Allegro's Saran-coated Tyvek Hood is constructed with heat-taped seams to form a liquid- and gas-tight seal. Impermeable to air and moisture, the Saran Hood protects workers effectively against a broad range of chemicals and other hazardous materials.

Our NIOSH-approved Fully Disposable Hoods are so unique, they are patented. The hoods are designed and constructed as one piece, with the down tube completely integrated. This makes them maintenance free, eliminating the need for decontamination of the breathing tube or replacement parts. The entire assembly is disposed of after use. NIOSH approved TC-19C-357

 Available in Poly-coated DuPont® (PN 9911-29) or Saran-coated Tyvek (PN 9911-29S)
 Splash-resistant hood and bibs
 Patented fully disposable down-tube, no need to clean or decontaminate
 Oversized hood is ideal for workers with beards or goggles
 Double bib design
 Hook and loop underarm straps keep hood from rising
 Unique no-suspension design
 Universal high-pressure hood offered with control valve, cooler
and temperature controller

 Multi-layer foam sound dampening system prevents crushing or twisting during use
 Meets stringent NIOSH requirements for sound levels inside a hood
 Located behind the hood, allowing it to be out of the way
 Positioning loop to keep down-tube behind worker

 Clear co-polyester (PETG), 15 mil
 Large 8” x 14” (20.3cm x 35.5cm) panoramic viewing
 Distortion-free

RDECOM TESTED: Third party simulated workplace study showing protection factors at the 5th percentile in excess of 100,000. Ask Allegro for detail test results.
High Pressure Hose Available (use only Allegro approved airline hoses:
Fittings: Foster- Stainless steel
9101-25 25" airline Hose
9101-50 50' Airline Hose
9101-100 100' Airline Hose

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