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Pipemarker Pro Software

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MaxiSoft® PipeMarker Label Software Create pipe markers, valve tags and directional arrow tape from your PC. The program contains over 500 pre-defined markers that comply with OSHA, ANSI, IIAR, CGA, NFPA and NEC standards - for marking pipes, conduits, utility cables, valves, hoses and tubes. Labels can be produced in horizontal and vertical formats (up to 50 inches long). These markers can be changed from English to Spanish to bilingual. Add pictographs (for health hazard, protective equipment, NFPA diamond and ISO symbols), choice of directional flow arrows and chevrons, temperatures, pressure, text, signal word headers and serialization. The program provides marker compliance information from the ASME A13.1 Scheme for the Identification of Piping Systems. Produce ''temporary'' markers using your own printer, or print self-adhesvie poly labels on the Thermal Transfer Roll Printer (sold separatley). Demo Version Available one copy per request. System requirements: Windows® 95 or later; CD-Rom drive; 64 MB RAM; 20 MB hard disk space

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