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Red Z Fluid Control Solidifier 15 oz. Shaker Bottle

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Red Z Spill Control offers you a fast and effective way to solidify and deodorize potentially infectious blood and body fluids. One ounce of Red Z solidifies over one liter of water based fluid.

Red Z Fluid Control Solidifier

Simply sprinkle SAFETEC's Red Z encapsulators on spilled blood, urine, vomit or other potentially hazardous waste and the fluid is encapsulated in seconds. Just scoop-up the granulated gel and dispose in accordance with facility policy. Red-Z is a fluid-control solidifier which absorbs up to 100 times its own weight. It helps control fluid spills and reduces the risks associated with cleaning up blood and body fluids. Red-Z helps convert hazardous fluids to a nonhazardous granulated gel for safe and easy cleanup. ** Contains chloride.

One ounce solidifies more than 1,000 cc’s of collected fluid. Our Red Z solidifier can help you comply with the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard 1910.1030, while saving your facility money. New formula Red Z® absorbs twice the amount of fluid in the same amount of time. In laboratory tests, the Z-line of solidifiers were compared to the six leading solidifiers on the market today. The Z-line of solidifiers are “hands down” the fastest solidifier on the market, with some competitors failing to solidify completely, even after 10 minutes.

Comparisons based on the time for 45g of each product to completely solidify 2,000 cc’s of 0.9g% NaCI at 25°c

  • Fast acting and easy to use
  • Eliminates splashing by solidifying and turning spills into semi-solid (gel) mass
  • Deodorizes  spills, control odor
  • Cost effective cleanup solution

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