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This Department has Worked #### Days Without a Lost Time Accident

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SCD431- Magnetic Numbers for Best Previous Record
Usually Ships in 1-2 Business Days

Digi Day Electronic Safety Scoreboard  Days Without a lost time accident .

Digi-Day™ Electronic Safety Scoreboards

** Scoreboards featuring "the best previous record", include changeable printed magnetic numbers.

Safety Scoreboard- On the Job Safety Begins Here- 28" x 20"

Digi-Day™ Electronic Scoreboards 


Keep Track of Safe Days

Eliminate the daily hassle of changing and writing in the number of safe days on a safety scoreboard sign.

The digital numbers for Safe Days: 

Advance by one, every 24 hours, automatically

Stand out in brightly lit, red LED numbers

Heighten the awareness and visibility of Safe Days!


Four-digit display with 2 1 /2" high numbers

28" x 20" plastic sign printed with available full-color graphics

Aluminum frame with easy mounting brackets

Operates on 120VAC, 60 Hz with 6-ft. power cord and adapter plug end.

* Note: For indoor use only

Set It & Run It

It’s quick to set up the digital display – even for an existing ‘safe days’ program already in place. Set it to the number of days and with the internal clock, it runs the counter automatically. Display is tamper-resistant.

If power is lost, the last number is saved and it returns when power is restored.
If a lost time or OSHA recordable accident occurs, the display is easy to reset to zero.
Operating instructions included.


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