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Tyvek Supplied Air Respirator Hood Systems-One Worker w/ 50 ft. hose 9220-01

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Allegro 9220-01 Supplied Air Respirator System offers a portable air source for one worker. This Supplied Air Respirator System comes with a 3/4 hp ambient air pump and 50 foot hose.

Allegro Supplied Air Respirator

In areas such as painting or asbestos abatement, where levels of contamination are low, this complete SAR systems offer a portable air source for one worker. The Tyvek Supplied Air Hood System by Allegro Safety include: disposable, lightweight, loose fitting Dupont Tyvek hoods, a 3/4 hp ambient air pump and 50 foot breathing air hose.

*This supplied air respirator system is also available with 100 foot breathing air hose. See part number Allegro 9230-01

Type: Oil-less, rotary vane
Vanes: Carbon construction
Inlet Filter: 50 Micron felt material with metal grid inlet filter housing
Exhaust Filter: 0.3 Micron HEPA
Pressure Gauge: 1½” (3.8 cm) face, steel housing (0-15 psi) (0-1.03 bar)
Working Pressure: 2-12 psi (0.14-0.83 bar) (15 psi max) (1.03 bar max) Performance: 0-10 CFM (0-16.99 m3/hr) (3/4 HP)
0-20 CFM (0-33.98 m3/hr) (1½ HP)

Type: ¾ HP, or 1½ HP UL Listed
Volts: 115V/230V AC Single Phase
Power Required: 8.3 A (3/4 HP), 16 A (1½ HP)

 Poly-coated DuPont Tyvek®
 Splash resistant hood and bib
 Seams surged to seal in the air flow.
 Generous size is ideal for workers with beards or goggles

 Clear 15mil co-polyester (PETG)
 Panoramic view, 6”x12” (15.2cm x 30.4cm)
 Distortion-free

LENS PEEL OFFS: (P/N: 9910-25) (optional)
 Polyester, clear film with adhesive backing
 5.25” X 11.25” (13.3cm x 28.57cm) (0.007” (.017cm) thick)

 Disposable one-piece assembly
 Absorbent foam headband
 Adjustable hook and loop closure head harness secures hood in place

 Located in the back of the hood allows it to be out of the way
 Corrugated flexible and lightweight material for greater comfort and less fatigue
 OBAC quick-connect plug with wide diameter and minimal air restriction

 Low profile nylon adjustable waist belt
 Plastic clip to restrain airline hose from pulling on the face piece

*This Supplied Air Respirator Hood System is also available as a two worker unit with either 50′ or 100′ breathing air hoses.

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