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Wall Mount Barrier- Brushed Steel Finish with RED Tape + Wall Mount Receiver

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PRB824-RD + PRB809
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Wall Mount Receiver is a permanent mounted receiver that connects to the end of a belt tape when needed to control the flow of people.

Wall-Mount Barriers
+ Wall Mount Receiver Included
Extend Belt Tape up to 8-ft. to close off doorways or hallways.

Head unit with bracket is for permanent installation and secures to the wall with four screws. Install Wall Mount Receiver (sold separately) to connect end of belt tape on the facing wall.

Control pedestrian traffic in and around your facility with Belt Tape Barriers.
Set out or mount belt tape barriers anywhere indoors.

Connect the belt tape in any combination series of stanchion posts and wall mounts to create and control the flow of people. Durable woven polyester belt tape is wound in a self-tension, spring-loaded head unit. The 2" wide belt tape extends up to 8-ft – with straight tension without sag or slack. The belt tape retracts smoothly back into the head unit for storage. A safety mechanism in the spring-tension reduces the whip-action of the belt braking, in case of accidental release.

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