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Warning People Working Cone Floor Sign

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Warning People Working Cone Floor Sign are easy to use simply pull the sign out to activate the spring loaded ribs to immediately pop open.

Handy ConeTM Floor Signs
Accuform PFT184

Warning People Working Cone Floor Sign W/ graphic- 18"

Pop open floor signs to instantly set out the safety message.

These pop up floor signs are housed in a gray compact plastic tube. Pulling the sign out activates the spring-loaded ribs to immediately pop open and expand the three-sided pyramid sign. Set out the sign to be seen from all directions. Message and symbol are screen-printed on nylon fabric with reinforced vinyl corners attached to the fiberglass ribs. Durable yet lightweight, these signs can withstand repeated use.

Once done, the collapsible sign compacts down easily to store back in the 2" diameter tube. Mount the tubes where you may need immediate access to the floor signs - near entrances, hallways, restrooms - to warn of potential hazards.

18" x 20" base

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