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Guard Post Sentry

Guard Post Sentry

Sentry's Guard Post offer you a versatile portable bollard for a variety of uses such as vehicle and pedestrian management both indoors and outdoors. Sentry Guard Post measure 48" tall it tapers from 5" x 5" with a 14" diameter round base. The water tight hollow portable bollard can be filled with ballast to increase stability or can be attached with fasteners into a floor, dock or any flat base. The Guard Post can be staked to the ground if used away from pavement. 

Sentry Guard Post removable top was designed to allow it to work with plastic chain for traffic control. The top of these posts allow for a chain to pass through with a slot and a round opening for chain attachment options. The cap on these units can be easily removed and sand or water can be added through the top. When finished the cap can be removed and the ballast poured out making it lightweight for moving and or storing. 

These Sentry Guard Posts make a handsome addition to any venue without making it look like a construction site. Guard Post offer a solution that looks imposing, but will not harm people or scratch vehicles who come in contact with it. 



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