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Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment

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Allegro Safety's confined space equipment is constructed to the highest standard for durability and ease of use. Our line of confined space equipment will stand up to the elements and the  harshest of conditions you face while on the job. Choose from industrial blowers such as axial blowers, centrifugal blowers, venturi blowers, pneumatic blowers along with manhole lid lifters in a variety of styles to fit your specific job site needs. 

Since 1987, Allegro been dedicated to offering high-quality safety equipment. Their hallmark has been the thoughtful development of niche markets within the safety industry. Allegro engineers and manufactures complete lines of products within specific categories including respirators, air sources, ventilation equipment, ergonomics, respiratory accessories, eye-wear maintenance, and confined space equipment. Their expertise in specific areas allows customers to have a reliable single source for safety equipment and confidence about the products they purchase.

With over three decades of experience in the safety industry, Allegro designs and manufactures products for maximum convenience and ease of use in the field. All of their products are backed by outstanding customer service, technical support, and fast delivery. 

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