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Column Sentry

Column Sentry

Column Sentry by Sentry Pro is the original, patented warehouse column protector that has been saving interior building columns since 1998.  Column Sentry surrounds columns with a cushion of air. These column guards or column protectors are easy to install without needing any tools whatsoever. Column safety pads are extremely effective at column damage prevention. Column Sentry units are available in a wide range of sizes created to fit most every column. Sentry column protectors come in a hi viz safety yellow. When hit, the building column protectors flex to protect the column along with the forklift and forklift operator. Column Sentry units are molded out of low density polyethylene making it tough while keeping it virtually maintenance free. Structural column protectors act as pillar padding or column safety pads to add as safety precautions in warehouse settings. 

Column Protection padding using Column Sentry's patented air chamber provides you with the best protection available for a column protector guard device. This system works by allowing air to escape during impact and allowing the column protector to absorb an impact without the sides splitting. Testing conducted recently found that a genuine Column Sentry Column Protector was 83% more effective in resisting impact than any of the imitation column protectors on the market today. is proud to be an Authorized Re-seller of the complete line of Sentry Pro Products and Column Sentry.


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