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Rack Sentry CONTOUR

Rack Sentry CONTOUR

The Rack Sentry® CONTOUR is changing the face of rack protection. The contour shape – curved and slim – is unlike any other rack protector on the market. Round edges and a slimmer profile reduce the footprint and increase the amount of rack clearance available to forklift drivers; while offering a secure fit to rack uprights.

Tapered arms on the CONTOUR reduce the rear face by more than 90 percent making it almost “invisible” to forklift drivers exiting the rack area. When protecting half-depth rack uprights, these hinged arms can be removed to maintain a strong, secure fit. In addition, the design has been improved to fit over beam connector hardware.

VELCRO® straps provide full coverage and 100 percent holding power. The Rack Sentry Contour can be installed or removed in seconds; no tools necessary. The sculpted sides lend to the ease of installation and removal for proper rack inspection. All sizes now feature Sentry’s exclusive cut-out for horizontal on-beam installations; no cut-out sizes are needed.

Manufactured with a proprietary mix of flexible polymers, the Rack Sentry CONTOUR is currently available in sizes to fit 3”, 3-1/4”, 3-1/2”, 4" and 4-3/4” rack upright.

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