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Rack Sentry CONTOUR

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RSC75 3"
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6 units

Low Profile Pallet Rack Bumpers

Rack Sentry® CONTOUR Pallet Rack Protector is a flexible alternative to traditional warehouse rack protection systems. The curved and slim 'Contoured' face reduces the footprint and increases rack clearance for forklift drivers. Rack Sentry® CONTOUR installs without attachments directly to the rack upright, eliminating the need to drill into the floor at the rack upright, protecting them from the abuse from collisions with your forklifts. In use, Rack Sentry® Contour puts no stress on the floor. Constructed of a flexible EVA material, Rack Sentry CONTOUR Pallet Rack Protectors gives your racks a highly visible layer of protection that's easily installed without tools. 

Rack Sentry CONTOUR is available in a number of sizes below designed to fit most uprights:

* RSC75 3" --        Fits any brand rack with an upright face 75 mm (3") wide. RSC75 is 457 mm (18") tall with an overall width of 129 mm (5.06") with a 75 mm x 75 mm (3"x 3") opening. $29.99 each

* RSC80 3.25" --   Fits any brand rack with an upright face 80 mm (3.25") wide. RSC80 is 457 mm (18") tall with an overall width of 129 mm (5.06") with an 80 mm x 75 mm (3.25"x 3") opening $29.99 each

* RSC90 3.5" --     Fits any brand rack with an upright face 90 mm (3.5") wide. RSC90 is 457 mm (18") tall with an overall width of 154 mm (6.04") with a 90 mm x 75 mm (3.5"x 3") opening. $31.99 each

* RSC100 4" --      Fits any brand rack with an upright face 100 mm (4") wide. RSC100 is 457 mm (18") tall with an overall width of 154 mm (6.04") with a 100 mm x 75 mm (4"x 3") opening. $31.99 each

* RSC120 4.75" -- Fits any brand rack with an upright face 120 mm (4.75") wide. RSC120 is 457 mm (18") tall with an overall width of 174 mm (6.8") with a 120 mm x 75 mm (4.75"x 3") opening. $41.99 each

* RSC75END --      For end-of-rack applications fitting outside corners in high traffic areas. RSC75END 18" tall and ideally designed to cover a 3" x 3" rack but can be mounted on other sizes if necessary. Covers both the front and end of the rack.  $33.99 each

Rack Sentry® CONTOUR Rack Protectors are ideal for intermediate rack uprights where high visibility and a flexible layer of protection is most needed. The product is designed to absorb impact by flexing, returning to shape to work again. We have tested Rack Sentry® rack protectors to a limit of 3 mph (5 km/h) using a 5,000 lb. (capacity) forklift without visible damage to the rack upright, forklift, or product.

Rack Sentry® CONTOUR exceeds the European FEM standard of 400 N.m protection recommended for rack uprights.

Rack Sentry Contour is not recommended for freezer applications where temperatures are regularly below 0°C.

Rack Sentry CONTOUR is sold in cases of 6.

Installation of Rack Sentry CONTOUR:

Rack Sentry CONTOUR protectors are extremely simple and easy to install by one person and without any tools needed. There is no need to droll into the floor or the rack upright to make this rack sentry work properly. You simply detach the hook-n-loop nylon strap, month the correct-sized Rack Sentry protector and reattach the strap around the upright. The nylon straps are over-length in case of an obstruction behind the upright where a longer length may be needed. It is that simple to obtain forklift damage protection in your work place or facility. 

Volume discounts available, email or call 800-506-0091


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