Rack Sentry Rack Protectors

Rack Sentry rack protectors protect your uprights from abuse from forklift collisions. These warehouse rack protectors are made of a flexible EVA material and are easy to install with any tools needed. Rack Sentry units are available in a wide range of sized to fit most uprights. They are ideal for intermediate rack uprights where a layer of protection is needed most. These rack protectors were designed to absorb an impact by flexing and then returning to shape to work again. Rack Sentry units have been tests to a limit of 3 MPH using a 5,000 pound forklift without any visible damage to the rack upright, forklift or product. 

Rack Sentry units install directly to the rack upright thus eliminating the need to drill into the floor at the rack upright. Rack Sentry will not put any stress on the floor. They come in a variety of sizes to meet your facilities needs including rack sentry end which was designed to cover the front and side of a rack upright which offer protection to both front and sides are vital. Also available are rack sentry cut outs for racks with low beams. 

Rack Sentry come with 2 hook and loop fasteners allowing installation on any brand, shape or style of rack upright with the correct width face.

Rack Sentry also offers end of rack protectors designed to cover the side and front of warehouse racks. These rack end protectors can be mounted to the end of an isle to provide protection on both sides.